Answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our virtual Personal Styling Services.

Q.  Do you offer virtual personal styling services, and if so, what areas do you service?

Yes. We are proud to offer an array of virtual personal styling services, available worldwide to anyone looking to improve their style. With the gift of technology, we’re able to get to know you and your goals on a deep level, so that even if we’re not in the same room as each other we can still achieve the same successful outcomes. To learn more about our virtual personal styling services, click here.

Q.  How do I get new clothing if I’m working with a virtual Personal Stylist?

If you’re looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe or need help finding clothes that enhance your sense of style, we’ll source them for you from stores and brands in your local country.

Your Personal Stylist will source you a selection of suggested items that align with your taste and lifestyle. We’ll show you options from brands you already shop from, plus many more you may not be familiar with. We design this process to be as thorough and comprehensive as shopping in a department store, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to wide selection and variety.

Don’t want to waste time placing orders? Don’t worry. Our concierge team can handle all the online shopping for you and have new clothes sent directly to your home to try at leisure. Our goal is to make the virtual personal shopping proccess as simple and painless as possible!

Q.  I need help with the clothes I own. Can you do a virtual closet edit/overhaul?

Whether you need advice on how to de-clutter your exisiting wardrobe or recommendations on what to add in the future, our virtual closet-editing process has you covered. The goal is to end up with a collection of items you feel good in, that mix and match with each other, and that you actually wear.

You’ll show your Personal Stylist everything in your closet, piece by piece over Zoom, and make decisions together on what to keep and what to get rid of. We’ll teach you how to style your clothes into outfit combinations you’ve never tried before, giving your wardrobe a new lease on life.

Q.  Who do you work with?

Personal Stylists are no longer reserved for celebrities and red carpet appearances. Our clients are everyday men and women, from all over the world, and what they share in common is a desire to look their best, feel their most confident and streamline their daily routine in order to maximize efficiency. 

Q.  How does MiKADO differ from online style-subscription services?

Because we work to bring you the most personalized, all inclusive type of service possible, we differ from online subscription services in almost every way. Your Personal Stylist will work with you intimately, to get to know as much about you and your lifestyle as possible so that they can provide you with a wardrobe that suits your goals. Your service is not complete until your needs are met with entirety, leaving no detail unfinished. 

Unlike the subscription or mebership services you may have used, we don’t have any affiliation to stores or brands and shop only at places we truly feel are a fit for your taste. We pride ourselves on being able to provide access to all the brands you love, without restrictions. Unlike subscription services, we do not carry labels in-house nor do we make a commission off of the clothing you buy. This means we can shop anywhere and everywhere you like without ever being incentivized for you to buy certain items.

Q.  Do you style men?

Yes, all of our virtual personal styling packages are available for men and women alike.

Q.  What brands and designers can I expect?

Unlike the online subscription based styling services who are only able to offer a selection of brands and designers, our scope is unlimited.  We work to understand your preferences, lifestyle and budget, and then show you a selection of clothing options that meet those criteria. If there are particular stores and brands you’d like us to source from, we can absolutely do that. And we’ll also make recommendations on other ones you may be less familiar with.

Q.  Can I cancel my service after I’ve already paid for it?

All sales of services are final, with no exception to this rule under any circumstance, which means that if you choose to cancel your service you will not receive a refund for your payment. 

If you would instead like to post-pone your service to a later date, you can most certainly do this at no additional charge.

We always want you to have the utmost confidence in your purchase, knowing if for any reason you are not satisfied with the outcome of your project, we will continue working with you until you are, free of any additional charge.

Our Service Support Guarantee means you have unlimited revisions and edits available to you on all packages. It does not, however, grant you access to any additional packages outside of the scope of your original purchase.

Q.  What costs or payments are due upfront?

All service costs are due upfront, prior to the commencement of your project. Once payment has been received, our Client Concierge Manager will work with you to schedule your project kickoff call. 

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